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Here you have the chance to enter a few lines. I am looking forward to your opinions, impressions and thoughts.

10.09.2011 | from Sue Ritchey Bostic
I started on your full moon site... and then.... your art~ I'm so impressed~ I live in SE Missouri/ USA, but lived in Vienna for 4 years... I miss Europe so much~ I wish you the best... on your future projects ....(cheers) Best Regards, Sue
11.07.2011 | from Christian Gold
I sincerely wish you a powerful impetus for the first realisations in Vienna and Berlin! :-)
10.06.2010 | from Julian Schlegel
A sincere 'Hello again'!
I am also sending wishes that the project will finally surmount all obstacles and can be realised soon! It simply has got to work, man! Hang in there! ;)
Great news about the Design Prize! Wow! The website really deserves it! Congratulations! ;)
I hope you and your loved ones are well, please send my regards!

Hasta luego,
30.05.2010 | from R. H.
It is unbelievable to look at the repercussions this has and the hurdles that need to be overcome ... this might make things harder for you but somewhat also more interesting.

I wish you lots of luck and staying power for this!
29.05.2010 | from Uli
In this way, I am sending you lots of love and even more good news for the success of your project! All obstacles can be mastered - I notice this in other areas of my own life. And the main question "does it make any sense?" has accompanied me for many years. This is why I think I understand.

Anyway, keep trying, stay in good spirits and don't give up!
Mucha suerte,
28.05.2010 | from M. F.
Congratulations on the Design Award! For me, this underlines the absolute serious, artistic aspiration of "Love and Death".
28.05.2010 | from Pingo
A design prize! I had no idea these prizes exist for artistic projects. Congratulations!! I somehow had a feeling that the pages and also the photos were done really well, but didn't perceive it that consciously due to the serious background of the project. I hope this makes things easier to also find donors internationally and to give this project an upswing. Surely, this should also direct the focus more on the emerging images, I am quite keen to see what will evolve.
24.05.2010 | from Klaus
Impressive project. I can imagine that this creates quite a stir. It is also important, so that it does not get lost during the normality of the daily routine. Good luck!
01.05.2010 | from joépa
The guest book is now opened. Let's begin and collect some impressions ...