On the road to reality

During the preparation of this project in 2009, I have been able to collect many experiences. In the area News you can follow up the turbulence. The most important insight is, that I will not work with fixed deadlines anymore. If this succeeds, this project can turn into reality. If you are able to contribute to one of the items below, please contact me!

1. HIV-positive donor wanted!

I am looking for an HIV-positive donor (anonymous or not anonymous), who is willing to donate a small amount of blood to create the painting (approx. 5 to 35 ml). By establishing contact with the donor, the city and country will be determined. Further, it will become clear if the donation will occur anonymously or if a meeting between myself and the sufferer will take place.

2. Fulfilling legal conditions!

I create the legal conditions that the project can be realised in the respective city. This would imply in most countries that the blood must be sterilised BEFORE the painting process. If this is not possible by means of radiation, the heat treatment remains, which will lead to coagulation of the (whole-)blood. Initially, I ruled out this possibility from an artistic point of view, however, I look at it as part of the specification of this project, and the aim is to interpret this creatively. In this case, I would prepare the blood with ink accordingly.

3. Looking for doctor's surgery or laboratory!

I am looking for a doctor's surgery or a laboratory where the taking and the sterilisation of the blood sample can take place and can be documented accordingly. After that, I am able to receive the blood sample and paint the picture.

4. Gallery wanted!

I am looking for a gallery which is able to help with the auction of the painting and thereby facilitates the contact with art lovers.