HIV positive blood donor:

Legal conditions:

Lab/GP practice:


Berlin assumes a great honour with regard to the project. Not only does Berlin stand for art in particular, not only were ideas raised here that were allowed to be provocative and are exceptional, not only does Berlin represent Germany in a powerful way, but it is also is my home country and therefore has been the the planned starting point of this project. Like a train station where a journey begins into many countries that is mutually accompanied by uncertainty as much as the assurance and hope to deeply trust the course of events.

I was very close to starting the project on 28th November and 1st December 2009 in Berlin. The plane ticktets and hotel were booked and everything else was organised . Then suddenly it became apparent that not all legal terms had been established and thererfore I had no assurance whether I was in a grey area if I would paint this picture. Accordingly I had to rethink and postpone the fixed date until further clarfication is found.

The procedure is now planned as follows: I will synchronise the preparations for all countries with the emphasis on Berlin, Vienna and Zurich. The project will start in the country where all legal regulations and parameters will be established first and where an HIV positive donor and physician is found in order to support and accompany the project.

Let's wait and see which city will reach this milestone first. I will keep you posted.
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