There are a number of possibilities how to participate. I am aware that time is a precious commodity for everyone. If I had known in advance, how time consuming a project in this dimension would be, I may well not have committed to it. Now I have said "Yes", and will go all the way. And I would be happy, if one or the other of you would like to join me on this journey.

I have summarised a few options below.

Option 1

Tell your family, friends and colleagues.

This may sound very basic, but I think that an essential aspect for this project to be successful is that preferably, as many people as possible will hear about it. Pass it on, send a few e-mails, make phone calls or write an SMS ... simply mention the web address, which can easily be remembered.

But please do not send out bulk e-mails, as this may damage the reputation of the project.

Option 2

Persuade others to donate a little something too.

Next to selling the painting in an auction, this is also about collecting donations,as you can read here. Not to realise of this project, but as a direct donation to the 'Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung' with the keyword "LOVE AND DEATH". It is also not about large sums of money (but – those are obviously also welcome!), but about many small contributions. If money is tight, amounts like 1 euro or 5 euros are also wonderful.

Once you have made a donation, try to encourage others to donate a small amount too.

Option 3

Follow the project on Twitter.

Here you will not only be updated with the latest news, but you will also contribute towards the campaign for this project. If you do not have a Twitter account, simply sign up. Twitter is for free!

@liebetod – Berlin, Vienna and Zurich
@loveanddeath – London, New York, Toronto and Sydney
@graagusbas – Dublin
@luveandeith – Glasgow
@amorymuerte – Madrid
@amouretmort – Paris, Brussels and Monaco
@leiftandoud – Luxembourg
@liefdeendood – Amsterdam and Cape Town
@kaerlighedogdod – Copenhagen
@karlekochdod – Stockholm
@kjaerlighetdod – Oslo
@rakkauskuolema – Helsinki
@agapithanatos – Athens
@amoreemorte – Rome

We have received special permission from Twitter to open more than one account for the selective distribution of information for the specific city or country.

Other countries are still in progress.

Option 4

Write an entry in the guest book.

The Guest book provides you with the possibility to quickly drop us a line. By doing this, you are giving this project a voice, your opinion and a few additional thoughts. This is very valuable and important.

Option 5

You can place a link on your website.

You can place a textlink to

Option 6

Do you live in Berlin, Vienna, Zurich or ... ?

If you live in one of the cities where the project will take place, you can help in many ways. You may possibly have contacts, even though you live in another city. I am looking for:
  • Contacts to doctors, virologists, scientists and hospitals
  • Contacts to sufferers (HIV infected and AIDS sufferers)
  • Contacts to PR agencies and directly to the local press
  • Contacts to gallery owners and art collectors
  • Contacts to auction houses
  • Contacts to volunteers who would like to help organise this project, namely also in other cities
Furthermore, this is needed for all cities, apart from Berlin:
  • Contacts to AIDS organisations (who on the one hand will receive the proceeds of the auction, and on the other hand receive the donations that will be collected during the course of the project).
If you are interested in making a small contribution, please call me.

Option 7

Can you offer professional assistance?

If you or someone you know, might be interested in helping with this project voluntarily with your professional know-how (in a small or way), I would be delighted to hear from you. I am currently looking for all countries:
  • Translations into different languages –-- this would be especially urgent!!!
  • Printing of brochures, flyers and business cards
  • Photographs of the project
  • Documentary film and TV
  • Contacts to the national press
  • Legal advice
All people, who help will be mentioned (on request) with a high-quality link in Acknowledgement!

Option 8

Well-known advocates are a valuable asset.

Maybe you are acquainted with a famous personality or quite well-known in the media yourself and can imagine providing a greeting that I may publish on this site. Or maybe you would even like to participate actively, for example in the auction.


Artists from all areas

Without exactly knowing what may develop, I think that it would be wonderful if artists from all areas would make an interpretation of the subject {LOVE and DEATH?} Maybe there is a musician who would like to write a piece of music or a song? This could be offered as a free download on this website.

Or, or, or ...