January 2012

Current status

The project is still in working progress for Berlin, Vienna and Zurich. I am trying to focus on the layout of the painting that the art returns to be the central element.

More information

A 100 % good cause

100%, (without any deductions) of all proceeds of this project will go to the organisation of the corresponding countries. The proceeds will not be used to fund this campaign, but will go directly to relief projects. Applications are welcomed!

For Germany (Berlin)
Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung


For Austria (Vienna) and Switzerland (Zurich) the organisations are not yet defined.

Two-times awarded

The artistic design of {LOVE and DEATH?} has been nominated for the German Design Award 2012 and has also received the iF design award of 2010.

designpreis deutschland 2012if design award 2010

An image in ink and blood

{LOVE and DEATH?} is an artistic project with a humanitarian background. The focal point is a picture, painted with ink and a small amount of donated blood of an AIDS or HIV infected person. This painting will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organisation.

Love and death are the elemental forces that determine our existence and that vividly come to the fore in AIDS. Forces that give direction to our being, surround us, restrict us and continuously lead us back to what is our most treasured possession: LIFE.

I would like to see the word death thoroughly understood in its context with Aids, with regard to the worldwide problems and the various aspects in which death or dying can reveal itself: physically, psychologically, socially. Nowadays, medication enables a new association with HIV infection and more education, and learning a new way of thinking is necessary. Simultaneously, in my opinion, death as an implicit issue cannot be excluded. Death challenges us to differentiate, to discuss and appreciate its meaning for our lives. Dealing with light and shadow appropriately, possibly belongs to the most difficult task of humankind.

On this site you will find out more about this artistic project that will take place in 32 countries over the course of the next years. Please read on to learn, how this idea has turned my life upside down. Read about the venture, overstepping the boundaries of normality and what happens when art touches us in the profound depth of our being.

I look forward to your support, your feedback, your voice,
and send my best wishes to all visitors.


Dr Jörg Werner

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